Why Your Tesla is Priceless and What to Do If It’s Damaged

November 14, 2018

The pride in owning a Tesla extends far beyond having an expensive car and into eco-consciousness. Not only are Teslas designed to be environmentally friendly, the cost savings from better engineering deliver a return on your investment over many years.

While electric cars are becoming more popular, they still have quite a way to go before they excel past the status quo of gas cars. A 2017 article from the Wall Street Journal suggests it will be 2030 by the time electric cars account for 95 percent of U.S. automobiles. Until electric cars become the norm, those who own or are considering purchasing a Tesla need to know what to do if it’s damaged in an accident.

Top Benefits of Electric Cars
First, let’s back up and understand why you want to own a Tesla in the first place. An electric car brings many advantages compared to a traditional car, most notably:

  • Significantly cheaper to run – Since you’re using electricity instead of gas, your fuel costs are much lower. Try Tesla’s monthly charging cost calculator to see how much you can expect to save.
  • Less maintenance – With oil and many of the parts required for a gas car out of the picture, a Tesla needs minimal scheduled servicing.
  • Better performance – Nothing can compare to the ease with which an electric car cruises and accelerates.
  • Reduced pollution – The draw of an electric car for many people is the ethos of doing their part to protect the planet. Tesla’s mission is to move the world toward a zero-emission future.

Tesla Repair Really Means ‘Replace’
When you consider a Tesla as a “computer on wheels,” it should go without saying that Tesla repair is not standard auto repair—yet many Tesla owners choose a shop that’s not right for the job. Because Teslas are built to last, it’s extremely important that they are disassembled and reassembled properly.

For example, if a Tesla requires a frame repair, it needs a new frame altogether, as aluminum is absolutely non-repairable. You wouldn’t try to straighten out a piece of crumpled aluminum foil; why then, do some repair shops insist on turning a damaged Tesla frame into an accordion? Even if it looks decent to the eye, we know the metal is fatigued and unsafe. Throughout the vehicle, repairing a Tesla usually involves replacing the parts, not salvaging them like you might with a traditional car.

Choosing a Tesla Body Shop: Pro Tips
If your Tesla is damaged, be sure to take it to a shop with the credentials, expertise and materials to repair Teslas in particular. Here’s how to find the right shop and what to do next:

  • Choose a Tesla certified structural repair facility – Tesla only certifies and sells parts to shops that go through their program.
  • Ask if the mechanics are trained on Teslas. – Your vehicle is still somewhat new to the market. That means you need not only a Tesla certified shop, but also one that actively trains their mechanics.
  • Call the manufacturer. – Your insurance company is there to help you, but not necessarily to ensure your Tesla is being repaired properly. Inform both the manufacturer and insurer that you are visiting a Tesla certified repair shop.
  • Bring your car straight to the shop. – Tesla’s own repair centers only handle non-technical repairs. Once you’ve found your nearest Tesla certified repair shop, bring your vehicle in for service and let the shop deal with the insurance company.

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