Customer Reviews
Car looked perfect when returned. It was worked on and completed quickly. Great pricing. Great customer service. Would recommend to anyone!
‐ Lori B.
My first time needing a body shop for a minor accident and was recommended Compact Auto. The accident was not my fault so the other person's insurance picked up the bill. From my initial phone call to picking up my vehicle, it was smooth. I spoke with at least 4 different employees and all were very professional and thorough. They were very accommodating and made the process easy. When I received my vehicle back, it was done perfect. Not only was it fixed but also detailed in and out. The vehicle was better than I seen it even before the accident! I could not ask for a better experience, even at 5 stars, that's an understatement. Highly recommend Compact Auto!
‐ Ed E.
Used Compact Auto several times!! Excellent work, great customer services!! By far the best auto body place around!! Highly recommended!!!
‐ Dana R.
Compact Auto does excellent work! They were professional, honest, have excellent communication, everyone there has a friendly disposition, and they have exceptional quality control. We couldn't be happier with the experience. Especially since we used another local shop first and had such a poor experience with all of the above. It is refreshing to know that the good old fashioned qualities in people and workmanship that you don't often see too much of today, and which contribute to making a business great, are right here in Matawan!!! Thank you Compact Auto!!!!
‐ Shari R.
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