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Your Subaru is an integral part of your daily life and the means by which you transport your family. Whether you’re going out to dinner, taking the kids to soccer practice or bringing your pup along for a breezy ride to the beach, you need your vehicle to be in top shape at all times. Don’t let dings and dents compromise the convenience and safety of your Subaru; if you are involved in even a minor collision, visit a Subaru certified collision repair center like Compact Auto Body. 

Commitment to community.
Subaru has become synonymous with stewardship, sustainability and longevity. It’s no wonder the brand boasts the highest customer loyalty among mass-market automakers, outpacing competitors with a 61.5% loyalty rate, according to J.D. Power. As part of our Subaru certification, our employees are even required to perform community service in the New Jersey neighborhoods we serve.

Complete accountability.
Compact Auto Body invites certification managers from Subaru to visit our repair shops—often unannounced—to ensure we are meeting all qualifications for tooling, lighting, safety and more. We are in every way aligned with Subaru’s brand standards, repairing Subaru vehicles using only Subaru factory parts. Additionally, our dedicated Subaru repair specialist continue to grow there skills with perpetual ongoing training. No shortcuts, ever.

Direct access to corporate.
Compact Auto Body works closely with Subaru’s upper management in North America to obtain the necessary information and factory guidelines for overcoming common Subaru repair challenges, such as issues involving automatic emergency braking (AEB), adaptive cruise control and other technologies in which damage can go unnoticed following a collision.

Why do we take it this far? Because real auto repair goes beyond the aesthetics to return your vehicle to factory condition and help you remain safer when you’re back on the road.

Bring your Subaru straight to our shop.
Subaru wants you to take your vehicle to a Subaru certified collision repair center. As insurers are often looking for ways to save on the cost of repairs, it’s best to inform your insurer that you are bringing your vehicle to Compact Auto Body and we will communicate with the insurer on your behalf.

Take comfort in knowing that your Subaru will be repaired correctly—the first time, and every time.

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